What is Water Softener?

Water softeners help keep your water clean and help you fight the scum and scale that is usually associated with hard water. Most American cities live with extremely hard water, which not only can affect your health but also your well being. If you wash your clothes with hard water it can cause fading and tearing much easier, the minerals found in waters break down clothing much more quickly. Even basic things like taking a shower is harder, soap doesn't work efficiently in mineral and hard water. Have you had a problem where after you run the dishwasher you still have dirty dishes, or even clogging your appliances?

Water softeners utilize water salt softeners to help soften your water. As of now there are three forms of salt that help shape the water softeners. Evaporated salt is the first of the three main salts, and primary salt that works best with water softeners. Salt that's evaporated helps bring the level of smallness to the ultimate level making it extremely soluble. Typically the are crystallized or purified right from brine.

The crystallization process typically occurs in the same factories and locations that table salts are created in. Halite and or rock salts are removed from the earth from mining processes. There are literally thousands of methods to mining salt although one of the most common is by blasting away salt fields with dynamite. Typically these are around large ponds of very concentrated sea water, some beds of seas will eventually evaporate and those are the best type of areas to access salt. After this point they are processed and cleaned to bring the purest form of salt.

Overall theres only one thing that you really want to take a look at when purchasing salts for your water softener, solubility. Solubility is the rate in which the salt will dissolve, keep in mind that not all salts have the same solubility. The solubility of the salts you choose will greatly effect your overall outcome with your water softener salt and its results. Evaporated salt may be expensive but overall its going to better your experience with your water softener.

I'm sure you've probably heard from your water softener company how important evaporated salt is. If you have extremely hard water, then you will need a great softener and salt to help kill its hardness. At the end of the day if you can't afford evaporated salts then you will probably want to check out solar salts. Most of the time solar salts are less expensive then evaporated salts, but don't perform as well. At the very bottom of the spectrum of both results and price is rock salt. Rock salt is the least soluble of all three salts, which means that it works your system much harder and doesn't produce as good of results.

Why not let the figures speak for themselves, run a water hardness test with a kit to determine your waters hardness. The minerals in which are found in your water will decide what type of water salt softener you should purchase. The more mineral content, like magnesium, calcium and other minerals are what determine the quality of your water. Hard water is something that you don't and won't need to deal with, it may cause your piping to break down a lot easier. Begin by purchasing the best water softener according their ratings for your system, from salts to water softeners.

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